Monday, August 14, 2017

Pure Guelphishness, with Troy LaFontaine

I guess it would be nice if the playlist was published too right?

I admit I was trying to take a day off...

Just go ahead and listen.  It was a fun show full of great local music...

Friday, August 04, 2017

More Riding With The Stars???

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this week i will bring you lots of good music, introduced with some assorted horse talk.... Riding with the stars features inclue, Lyle Lovett, Lindy, Quique Escamilla, and many many more.

let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dancing Horse, Juggling Bear

This episode of Pony Daze is brought to you by Tapestry Equine Products.  The Tapestry Equine Comfort Girth I brought with me on a recent adventure in Iceland got such a good review, I wasn’t able to bring it back with me!  Usually with tack and used leather products in Iceland its the other way around.  You’re not allowed to bring them in!!!

Did you catch our new contact info?  I feel like running away with the circus, with my own little herd... On CFRU this morning we also played music from Odysseo, Melissa's review, and some snippets from my attendance, just some of my initial thoughts...  I also aired the Riding With Stars segment from last week's podcast, along with Lindy's music! And, I left the mic on when I played my friend Michael Martyn's tune... how'd you like that (another one about the clown). You can listen back here:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Riding and Relaxing In Iceland

hoofbeats -- Iceland by Horse (60 min our 1st ever horse talk radio episode available as podcast; to be posted for scheduled release on Jun 23)

What's a bay dunn? This edition of hoofbeats might leave you wondering.  It will also leave you wanting to go to New York for lessons on the trail, Vermont to go trekking from Inn to Inn, and prepping for another trek in Iceland with some lessons at Onice Farm in Caledon. There is mention of a horse named Leo and we do in fact address what most media ask when reporting on the Icelandic Horse.  It's a good thing that Horses of Iceland is NOT sponsoring this project, because there is much talk about the UNsuitability of promoting the breed to the North American market, including a funny story from Lindy V!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

And yet more, Accidental Horse Talk, from Two Way

I took time off work to volunteer with this project! Which was in addition to other horse talk radio I was putting together as a volunteer...

Its been very rewarding to hear the final shows going to air at CFRU.  They sound really sweet.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Horses Are Synonymous With Iceland! + a minute with Sarah Jane Scouten

To hear the entire show as it aired today, featuring an accidental "Riding With The Stars" Taping with the delightful and talented Sarah Jane Scouten, when she was in Guelph recently, click the player at the very bottom of the page!  And, thanks for all your help to spread the word about the hoofbeats - Iceland by horse adventure! (especially using the hashtag #horsesoficeland).

To hear about the trek hoofbeats is leaving for later today, listen here:


p.92   Its not surprising that there are many opportunities for riding them. These range from one-hour rides -- also for complete beginners -- to highland tours lasting several weeks, with two horses per rider." I can't wait to start riding and recording in such a beautiful place to hike and watch birds.... check out all the options listed here:  

On our first day, we will be riding along lake Skorradalur, a beautiful route with a very nice view over the lake and the forestry in the valley of Skorradalur. We will leave our horses at a very nice farm and drive back to our summer house, which is only a 30 min drive.

On day two, we will be heading over to the next valley, riding over the ridge between the two valleys, which should give us a great view over Skorradalur and on a clear day we can see the glacier at Snæfellsnes. Again, it is only about 30 min. drive back to the summer house, but we will be having a sandwich before taking a look at one of the old swimming pool located next to the farm where we will leave the horses.

The third day will be spend mostly riding on the banks of the famous salmon river Grímsá. The horses really enjoy the grassy banks of the river and I am sure they will show us all the best gaits they have on the soft terrain. Very close to where we will leave the horses, there is another old pool that we would go to after a quick snack.

On our last day, we will be riding along the glacier river Hvítá and back to Skorradalur. During that day we will have a very nice view of the mountain Skarðsheiði and the beautiful Borgarfjörður. After a light meal in Skorradalur, we will be heading back to Reykjavík.


Friday, June 02, 2017

A Harsh Yet Fragile Nature? - Horses of Iceland

In this episode of hoofbeats we are in conversation with Julia Douglass, musician/singer/songwriter in New York.

We feature her tunes As the Crow Flies, Thank You and Right This Time.

So, you can't post the pace?  We discuss trekking in the harsh yet fragile, stunning country and the amazing nature of the horses of Iceland.

TWO PAIRS OF GLOVES? Boots that have never been to a farm before?  She is very funny and helpful with my packing questions!

We didn't discuss the documentary FUNDRAISING at all, but you can read about it here.

Definitely worth a listen:

Thursday, June 01, 2017

hoofbeats - Iceland by Horse!

Sponsors/Donors will be offered recognition in the credits!   All support is welcome.  Maybe you can even give this a share on social media?

A multi-episode podcast/radio/video documentary, to capture the landscape outside the city, while riding as fast as the terrain allows.   To reveal how horses of Iceland have been shaped by the vastness and nature of their country. We want to bring back to Canada an experience of the motivation, endurance,  performance and temperament of this breed. To share the experience of running with this rare, protected, equine herd.

listen here to the audio pitch: 
"Iceland by Horse " (- with a bonus story at the end!)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Terry O -- Got a minute? Even 30 seconds? Listen here:

Another Riding With the Stars invite
-- an excerpt from hoofbeats radio this week;
a question I didn't want to spring on a celebrity in a crowd at the book signing line, yet nonetheless want to ask...