Sunday, April 08, 2018

Horselife - One Working Student Perspective

In this radio show episode, we hear from a 17yr old rider and working student at two esteemed horse facilities... from learning styles to conducive work environments and overcoming challenges, her perspective is worth a listen.

Carly stayed after to pitch in as a volunteer for hoofbeats!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Riding With The Stars" and A Pure Guelphishness Playlist with Innes Wilson

We played local music and fit in a bit of horse talk!  He tells us about 32 horses and one pony stallion he has spent time with.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Joining Forces on Youth Engagement

Could a "Junior Horse Sport Association" rebrand for Canadian Pony Club, save the larger equine community too? On the latest hoofbeats episode we are in discussion with Sara Chauvin, about her provincials pitch, as well as the recent Equine Symposium.
Are you as horrified as we are to hear that our equine sector is already beginning to die-off, and could, in 15 -25 years, enter a catastrophic collapse? hoofbeats radio recently attended an event that was free to anyone involved in any equine sector to discuss the issue. It included a swag bag and entry into door prize draws with any donation!

It was a great idea to expand the breakout discussions to run the entire afternoon. But, the very structured instructions almost inhibited creative thinking and open discussion. Some of the themes that I noticed were accessibility, marketing, social initiatives, education, and a desire to spread awareness that “horses are for everyone!” As well as a focus to recruit the very young 5-10 and their parents, to promote a branded hashtag, and to have all disciplines filtered through OE and to ensure we invite more breeds and equine orgs in the dialogue.

I also compiled this list of “Actionable Items” from across the groups: 
- create new entertaining, educational incentives (need to be creative, fun and appealing for different ages)
- speakers, groundwork and conditioning classes for horse and rider
- field trips for classrooms, extra curricular activities through schools
- bring clinicians to small towns
- inter-family collaboration and carpooling
- volunteer programs
- creative, enjoyable on-line content
- affordable workshops and training programs, esp. community based lunch and learns
- rebrand pony club, introduce paid staff to structure, become more visible in the larger equine community
- bring back horse extension agents
- offering more barn tours
- an OE template to host events
- educate/accreditation re: equine therapy/corporate leadership programs using horses
- implement co-op and high school programs for the equine industries
- more promotion of the sports, health and mental wellness aspects

In terms of suggested small personal actions you can take, I would say the top idea was: personally invite people to experience equine exposure with you!

sidebar/photo caption

Other changes reflected that the original venue, the largest classroom at the OVC was too small for the expected turn out, and that the events were transferred to the larger Thornborough Building in the School of Engineering.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Mystery Tour Announcements

We are thrilled to announce our Audio Documentary project garnered support from Ed Video!  Ed Video’s Production Grant Program supports media art creators by granting no-cost access to equipment resources, especially for projects with a strong artistic component.  Because producer Kim Logue also accesses the Career and Skills Development Award with no-cost Workshop Access, we hope to start incorporating a film component! !!  We thought you might also want to know about this:

Sharing Equine Therapy, an article for the Rider

I bet everyone of us reading this magazine knows the profound benefits of being around horses. And we all know how horses mirror us, while having no judgement. We have all seen how horses can help us develop leadership skills or heal from stress, not to mention benefit physically from all the hard work! And then there is learning team work, responsibility and true partnership.

At a recent event in Guelph called “An Evening of Sharing - Equine Therapy” I heard that a growing number of Canadians are discovering the healing power of horses. In equine-assisted therapy and learning, horse and human are brought together to tackle a long list of issues, including mental heath. It reminds me of how doctors in Japan are prescribing “Forest Bathing,” for the benefits of nature.

However, I find it unsettling how many Life Coaches, Counsellors and Corporate Trainers are popping up everywhere, chasing their dreams and following the passion of their youth, which was being around horses. Because I am seeing facilities that are being run by great sales people, with barely adequate equine training or experience. How does one set about examining facilities EQUINE credentials?

EFW, EAGALA, CANTRA, OE, EC, UoG ~ BBRM, OVC, what’s your favourite acronym?

hoofbeats radio and podcast, produced in Guelph, is starting site inspections, to help ensure horse welfare and human safety with an eye to National standards, and perhaps International Standards too.

Imagine a world where youth reporters are empowered by hoofbeats to get out and ask questions, including about animal rights, while they visit horse facilities. They will observe and record as they work through our mystery tour checklist. And, records and recordings of their visits will be compiled by a qualified, longstanding rider/trainer, riding and horsemanship instructor.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NCRA Awards Submission Feb 2018

This submission comes from another project, called Conversations Worth Having, which includes a series on aging and death. Because Community care in Ontario already is very bumpy, in a system with resources already stretched. And, with the demographics of the gray wave or silver tsunami looming on the horizon, it is time to start talking about it!
"Five Wishes" broadcast Sun Jan 29, 2017 on CFRU.

In this particular 9min 43sec episode excerpt we hear from Jennifer Mackie, an expert in Medical Assistance in Dying. When is one’s death reasonably foreseeable? 10/10 of us are going to die..  “We’re all gonna die of something” is an expression I grew up hearing, and I am happy in this segment to include the voices of my very own mom, and dad - not long before he passed away.

About the Producer:
I have been producing an occasionally-award-winning horse talk radio show called hoofbeats, for over a decade, and the podcasts are now available in iTunes! 

The photo below is meant to represent producer-as-a-fictional character.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Discover The Horse

 In this episode of hoofbeats, we are in conversation with Alyssa, who is underway on a quest to ride over 350 different breeds from around the world!!!

Breeds featured in the "Discover the horse" trailer to date include:
Quarter Horse, Kiger Mustang, Oldenburg, Appaloosa, Icelandic, Norwegian Fjord, Lipizzaner, Cheval Canadian, and the Irish Sport Horse.

We hear how she determined a list of 350 breeds and how is a kiger mustang different than a regular mustang.  We learn about the crew, the equipment, and her background with horses before embarking on this amazing journey!  And we compare notes about the Icelandic Horse and how its important to experience that breed in that terrain, in Iceland.

Check it out here -- Enjoy!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

2017 Royal Review Show

Today's "Royal Review" show includes our recording in the OE booth with Mark Nelson of Oakhurst Farm, as well as some words from Kathy Fremes of Country Hill Farm after we watched a riding lesson demo she was teaching in the Spirit of the Horse Ring! We also passed through EquiMania, which, like hoofbeats, allows rural and urban youth to investigate and interact with the world of horses - while promoting proper care and welfare for all participants. 14 Education Centres + Education Ring, from jumping rabbits to the spirit of the horse... we collected quite a few interviews...

"Riding With The Stars" features guest, Tam Williamson and her experience of the Royal! The co-hosts admit their first glimpse of a kur before a 5:30 min segment

Did you enjoy the new release from Shannon Kingsbury?

We also discuss the junior/amateur 1.40 jumper class we watched and remember the pony jumper class, won by the little one from Beaverwoods we were cheering for. Had you already heard of indoor eventing???

We could refrained from discussing the many, many, many shopping exhibits!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Turning Over a New Leaf?

This week a recurring 12 yr old co-host takes the reins! Since there is nothing new to air in the Conversations Worth Having, "Death and Aging" series this week, we are, happily, letting equestrian guests override. happy hoofbeats! 
horse talk is also a Conversation Worth Having...

This week we speak to Dr. Jonathon Edwards Ph.D, University of New Brunswick, who in conjunction with CAC, is recruiting participants for a research project; To explore the quality and validity of the Coach Evaluation Experience.  If you are interested in participating in the survey, please visit the link

We also spoke to Melissa of New Leaf farms, who has 5 horses boarded at J&J Quarterhorse Farm facility on Speedvale just west of the Hanlon, with an indoor arena, outdoor sand ring and trails off property.  She is developing an Equine Assisted Learning Program with a focus on 12X1 hour group lessons that develop communication and conflict resolution and more.  She told us about the 11.1 hand pony hackney cross Daisy, a 16.1 Morgan cross (thoroughbred arabian), as well as 9 yr old 15.1 hand black and white (tobiano) spotted saddle horse, and a 15.2 dunn quarter horse cross who really likes children not to mention the bombproof palomino tennessee walking horse who is the newest addition to the herd.  Did you catch that she uses Western/Australian saddles?

We also recorded a voice track we will hope to use in a hoofbeats radio show promo!

"Conversations Worth Having, with host Kim Logue, covers tough topics and themes, from a series on aging and death to food and water issues. But, at least once a month equestrian guests override, and horses talk? You should listen... p.s. To get involved email"