Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Uke Strum Show

"Thanks Kim Logue Like-Vogue for inviting me to be on Hoofbeats Radio this morning, talking about The Masterson Method® Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork® and Icelandic horse trekking! Broadcasting live from the Red Papaya in Guelph, with ukuleles strumming in the background at the Royal City Uke Fest."  ~ Kathy Hanneson
"Can I be on the radio?"  YES! yes you can....
"Oh, that was so much fun to listen to! thanks for all the ukulele love! that was a hoot listening to you talk to the uke players coming and going. fab!" ~ Cynthia K

Half and Half Horse Talk etc. Improv?

i love to "plan" to be spontaneous. anyone else?

for this week's show, i posted on Facebook "please feel invited to show up at cfru at u of g tomorrow morning at 10, as i have not yet confirmed a guest.  and, otherwise for sure i will keep in touch so we can make a date!!!"  and you should listen back to hear what happened.

p.s.  Horse Talk is also a Conversation Worth Having

there was a beautiful moment in the show where mike said
"if someone had not .......  i would not be alive today."  could we edit that out and make it a PSA for "beadonor.ca"

aalso i can't help thinking about the musical ride ideas we talked about in the 2nd half of the show with our other surprise guest. and btw, i think i know at least one genius musician who might be interested in helping with my long standing fantasy lol... 
how's your Easter?

p.s. next week i will share the pony daze blog Not-Good Friday

Sunday, April 09, 2017

A "Gallop recommended" episode (?)

Andrew McPherson co-hosted
"a pleasure to not only share a few toons from my new record but more importantly to big up Guelph talent, present and past. In our short hour together we featured Jenny Mitchell, Nick Craine, BarzinJesse Ruddock's Koko Bonoparte project, Kate SchuttKing Cobb Steelie, while talking up Scott Merritt, The Magic, Nick ZubeckJeremy ShuteKazoo! Fest and likely a few i've forgotten. A loving musical essay to Guelph. Respect."

Please don't forget the event:
Thursday Apr 13 at the e-bar 9pm!!!

Listen back if you missed the show here...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Leftover Horsetalk? - run sheet draft

[ ] i have a 5 min segment from Dawn's project ready that did not air last week
Billie and her husband on horseback

[ ] this week's cfru listening party
- buffy
- sailing
- wind down music
- youth radio
- strings

[ ] invite Musical Co-host and add some sneaky Conversations Worth Having content?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Socan Week Show!

Will there be some horse talk?  I do have tapings from Riverside Glen where student reporters trained on portable recorders goofing around with each other, and also some recordings on my iPhone of kids interviewing seniors for the same project, when some horse talk broke out!

But then again, I need that precious hour at the stn to record more content for the Conversations Worth Having project...

For sure there will be the maximum music focus i can do with in my program!  Be sure to tune in to see who gets played.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

NCRA Awards “Documentary” Submission, March 2017 Nick Russell, Folkway Music Hero (Music Teacher Feature)

About The Producer
Logue has assumed many volunteer and contract roles at CFRU including a polylingual/syndication and mobile studio assistant (per New Horizons Radio segments submitted in prior years). She also has experience as programming committee member, spoken word coordinator, workshop presenter, fill-in show host, merch table minder, station tours/event host, groundwire host, and more.

But Logue is best known as the host and producer of a longtime, sometimes syndicated, occasionally award winning, totally volunteer driven, all age, all access, horse talk radio show, now in its 10th season at CFRU. Logue has mentored many, many hoofbeats radio contributors over this time, allowing the show to evolve to incorporate the interests and preferences of all participants/volunteers,. This is particularly evident in terms of the music programming - at one time it was 100% spoken word for 2 hours, at one time with a 1/2 hour local focus for the playlist… and at other times with a jazz focus etc. Recent efforts and developments include a “Riding With The Stars” Segment featuring musicians disclosing horse experiences. As well as her own original fiction, and other story segments from novice to expert contributors. p.s. Many of these columns and feature segments are easily available on the Community Radio Exchange, as is her new project, Conversations Worth Having.

Length 8:36; CFRU Broadcast Jan 3, 2016

Written Description of the Work:

This entry is an excerpt of “A Music Teacher Feature,” produced by Kim Logue as part of a series of shows for CFRU for the holiday season. With an aim to promote the idea of music lessons as a gift? Or to encourage listeners to set resolutions for themselves? Certainly to discuss the benefits of playing and studying music! Logue ultimately explores why music matters, in this rebroadcast-able group of 8 programs, started Dec 2015. Other guests so far have included: Rob Gellner, Brent Rowan, Joni Nehrita, Shannon Kingsbury and Eleanor Hart.

This particular full hour episode stars Nicholas Russell, as live-to-air (accidental) cohost ~ playing tunes off his laptop to help out, and also playing acoustic guitar! Logue, a Holiday Helper at CFRU at the time, said “I’d told my guest we'd be pre-taping, but the equipment malfunctions were beyond me, so we ended up live-to-air instead. Happy New Year!” Addng “I love how the live music starts abruptly again because I had to take a call on the on-air line. The beautiful sounds 11:57 - 12:21 includes more doors slamming along the hallway as I let people in and out of the building and various studios.” (as posted in her column for blogguelph )

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ep 201, 2017 NCRA Awards Season Show, Horse Talk and Music

This hour starts off with the 10 min hoofbeats radio excerpt as submitted to NCRA Awards in 2013 re:2012 broadcast. and 2013 Year In Review #103 12-16-12 Team Canada!
Original Team Canada broadcast notes

Then a 9:30 clip from #142 02-10-2014 The Latest from OHHA When the government announced the end of its revenue sharing agreement for the slot machines at horse racing tracks, 55,000 jobs in Ontario were impacted. This interview takes a look at the state of the industry one year later.  Featured Speakers/Guests: an interview with Brian Tropea of The Ontario Harness Racing Association

Then we play the 8:11 NCRA SUBMISSION (sent May 2016) called Barn Fire, Season 9, Ep 1 #171 01-10-2016
An overnight/early morning barn fire January 4/5th in Puslinch killed over 40 horses. In this episode of hoofbeats we will mourn, pay respects, and discuss offering assistance. Our guest is Bill O’Donnell, President of the Central Ontario Standardbred Association and member of the Canadian Racing Hall of Fame!

[ ] 9:30 NCRA Submission New Horizons Band on New Horizons Radio (sent May 2015)
The Entertainment Episode, New Horizons Radio 11-10-2014 9am

[ ] 10 min NCRA Submission, (sent Mar 2017)
Music Teacher Feature - Nick Russell, My Hero
re: Jan 2016 broadcast

Monday, February 13, 2017

S10, Ep #200 A Collection of Stories, Black History Month

I was tuned in to CFRU a lot over the weekend, and heard some BBC reporting on whether democracy is in jeopardy? And, I loved how fellow programmers were playing music from around the world, in different languages, and doing unique shout outs to Black History Month.  I also loved the music that was so enticingly displayed around the station...  although I stuck to my plan to listen to the CD I got when I worked front of house for the magnificent and moving musical "A Black Girl in Search of God" when it played over and over at Harbourfront Centre.  I must have seen it, front row, almost 20 times - and I got invited to the cast wrap party!

For the horse talk segment of the show, I aired a collection of stories.  Three from my own blog that pretty much bring things up-to-date, plus some other (contributions) rebroadcast from Sarah Sheard, Mark Grice and the Horse-Story serial from Jessica Miller our very first year!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

S10, Ep#199 Cuties for Catching Canada (i.e. kecing-canada).com

This is Katie and Jewel who are embarking in April on a cross Canada trek with their mounts Lux and Ora.  I love how in today's episode, I give a shout out to my friend Kimber Sider and her Chasing Canada adventure.  Do you hope, like me, she will participate again soon???  

These gals are thinking they might average 30km per day, on their dog-guides fundraising mission, and they were promoting: https://www.gofundme.com/kecing-canada...  We talked about how they are preparing, and what they will pack!

It was also fun how a lot of equipment was down at the station, so instead of pre-produced segments, we aired LOTS of extra local music...

Had you already heard all of those Richard Laviolette songs?
10:21 Mountain Goats
10:47 Post-Punk Tranny-Folk
10:50 Your Many Different Forms

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Conversations Worth Having

I think hoofbeats radio is transitioning to become part of a larger project "Conversations Worth Having."  You may have noticed if you've been tuned in to the regular time slot on CFRU 93.3

In future, the idea seems to be produce a 6 part horse talk series, maybe over the summer, and treat them more like actual "evergreen" documentaries.