Ask Equine Guelph reporter - Dallas

Dallas, or "Texas" as her friends call her, has been horse crazy since the time she could walk. She started riding when she was five years old, and loved riding hunter jumper. When she was twelve she moved to Missouri, and began traning and competing in the Arabian show circuit, competing at Youth Nationals at the age of 15. In the following years, a dressage coach used to make her and fellow students sing out loud while riding the canter rhythm and she has since taught riding lessons for many years. One of her favourite pass times is going swimming with horses in a nearby lake. Dallas was also a first year student at the Ontario Veterinary College, when she started to bring hoofbeats! radio the answers to questions, in a regular feature "Ask Equine Guelph" questions.  

Since then, she has actually graduated OVC in the class of 2008, and gone on to other Grad Studies, specifically Epidemiology (distribution of disease in populations), in Veterinary School in Saskatoon.

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