Hayfield Reporter - Alex Pangman

That's right, horsewoman by day, jazz singer by night, Canda's "Sweetheart of Swing" Alex Pangman is our HAYfield reporter!

Alex has been riding horses since she was a girl. Under the tutelage of Mary Courtney, she competed on the Trillium Hunter circuit for many years as a junior qualifying for the Championships several years on her pony mare, and soulmate, "Gypsy." 

After retiring from the hunter ring, Alex delved into the land of "other" riding, attending hunter paces, hound walking with the local hunt club, and even dabbling in basic dressage, western showmanship and pleasure, cross country, and even jumper shows!

Perhaps her greatest achievement was in learning to enjoy her horse outside of the ring: along the backroads and around fields and woods... As Alex's health deteriorated with lung disease, her pony Gypsy became an important physiotherapy device, providing physical and emotional therapy at a time when things looked bleakest for Alex.  With the use of an on-board oxygen tank, Gypsy the therapy pony carried Alex through the woods until the day proceeding Alex's successful double lung transplant. 

Now, Alex rides several horses a day, and is back to life around the barn with a renewed appreciation for life, love and horses. Having studied with Debbie Goldring, Alex is also an equine portrait artist in the pastel medium.