Host/Producer/Pony Daze Blogger - Kim Logue

A Guelph based one-horse, so-called trainer, and non-active EC Certified Basic English Instructor, Kim Logue wishes for more time to ride, drive, teach, and help with your farm chores and horse-work.  In the meantime, she is: HELPING PEOPLE TO LEARN & GROW ~ WITH HORSES!
She promotes healthy, safe and sound practices, through articles, interviews, worksheets, and site visit surveys that reflect the requirements and recommendations of Equine Canada, the OEF, Equine Guelph, OMFRA and the Insurance Industry. She has written for publications like Horse-Power, Horse Life, and The Rider and been a speaker for  Grey Bruce Farmer's Week and at Equimania! at the Royal Winter Fair on behalf of Equine Guelph.  She was an attendee at the 2010 World Equestrian Games, in part with thanks to our National Sport Office.  

Kim started riding at 9, owned her own horse as a teenager, and evented with a Corporate Sponsorship as a Novice Adult. She mounted an Equine Star of the Metropolitan Opera once in Manhattan, and jogged a filly hitched to harness-racing cart on a farm in town. She also surprised an elk in the woods of Alberta her first time in a Western saddle!  Several times in her adult life she's ridden high-performance horses, sometimes with Eventing team members!  

"I wish for more hacks, to try some mounted games or horse ball, and more driving.  And, what about some kind of theatrical horse musical?"  She also pens horse stories, Pony Daze, often read on hoofbeats.